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Grief & Loss 

Grief is a normal, natural, and expected response to loss.  The grief process has many ups and downs.  Even though there are some common experiences, the grief journey is unique for each of us.  The loss of a loved one, infant loss, miscarriage, pregnancy termination, infertility, divorce, end of a relationship, loss of a pet, illness, accident, job termination, or moving are significant life changes that can result in grief. Grief is an exhausting yet necessary process for integrating the loss in our lives.


- At times, you may feel numb, angry, afraid, or overwhelmed    with emotions.

- You feel like you are in a fog.

- You may feel a deep pain or ache throughout your body.

- You feel like you are watching the world pass by.

- You may be feeling worried about your future. 

- You’re wondering when the tears will stop.

- The sadness or heaviness may have you not wanting to face     today or tomorrow.


If you’re wondering how you are going to face tomorrow, cope with shattered dreams, or feel like you can’t do this on you own, you’re not alone.  My passion is providing support to individuals who have experienced a loss or multiple losses.